A Brief Recap of the 1st 2 Rounds

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A lot has transpired over the last four days.  The Blue Devils are gone (thank god, called it nbd), Michigan is rolling, and Leonard Hamilton is the worst coach in the history of organized sports.

The Seminoles are by far the most athletically gifted team in recent memory, but they looked like they all had just met each other 5 minutes before gametime on their way to play some pick up ball.  Getting blown out the way they did to Xavier is inexcusable.

Vegas title favorite Duke’s warts came out to show at the worst time possible.  While they have a million McDonald’s All-Americans, there was no semblance of unity and cohesion at any point.  Guys were just out there trying to get theirs.  They allowed 65 points in the 2nd half!  65!  A pace of allowing 130 points in a collegiate game.  To a team with the 124th ranked offense in the country.  Let’s just move on before my brain explodes.

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Michigan continued their run of destiny, beating two polar opposite teams by the narrowest of margins.  The Oklahoma St game was a high octane slugfest to the point where the charts couldn’t comprehend the offensive efficiency taking place.  At one point Michigan was 11/14 on 3’s in the 2nd half with Derrick Walton draining 5 in a row, some from Steph Curry range.  Jawun Evans was a one man offense creating opportunities for both himself and others at will.

Louisville then trotted out their legion of 6’10ers and above, dominating the glass and playing up to their spectacular defensive standards.  The one thing they didn’t have though was Kryptonite for one, Moritz Wagner (Mo’ey Buckets).  The Cardinals kept trying new defensive stalwarts and Mo’ey Buckets just kept shredding them to pieces.

Wisconsin kept the Big10 streak ROLLIN’ as they dethroned the defending National Champs.  No team is perfect in this tournament, but the Wildcats flaws were exposed in a similar fashion to Duke’s (although not as bad).  With the losses of Ochefu and Arcidiacono, they had no answer for Ethan Happ inside and no senior floor leader to calm everyone down on the offensive end.  Jalen Brunson is really good and didn’t necessarily play poorly, but Josh Hart felt the need to take over as a senior Wooden Award candidate and simply didn’t get it done.  You know who did get it done?  One of the Clutchest players in March Madness HISTORY, Bronson Koenig.

If you’ll be so kind to let me rant for a hot second, the refs have been ABYSMAL thus far.  I literally don’t know how they could be worse.  Between the much maligned goaltending call in the Northwestern/Goznaga game, the end of the North Carolina/Arkansas game, and a million other plays I think we just have to go by pick up rules at this point.  Call your own fouls.  I’d trust that over these incompetent fucks.  They’re pathetic.  Can someone also please explain to me this new thing where the refs huddle up at the monitor 400 times in the last minute of the game?  Not only is it absolutely ridiculous and a waste of time, 99% of the time there’s nothing to even review!  It makes NO SENSE.  Add on the fact that in a tight game there’s usually someone at the foul line in an absolutely crucial situation and this little ref huddle is icing the free throw shooter.  This 1000% effected Ben Moore in the SMU game, Duncan Robinson in the Michigan/OK ST game, and I’m sure countless others I can’t think of at the top of my head.  It’s a disgrace, they’re ruining the game.

On a lighter note, there were a lot of great games especially in the 2nd round.  Throughout the tournament there were also a lot of “almost upsets” which made those games dramatic, but the better team prevailed.  This will enable better matchups with better teams and make for a better tournament.  We have some AWESOME BABY with a capital A matchups coming up like Kentucky vs UCLA, Kansas vs Purdue, Michigan vs Oregon, etc that I cannot wait for.

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Let’s get this party started.

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