Should you bank on The Favorite?


Duke 6:1 ….. (9:2 when posted)

First off, fuck Duke.  Look, the Dukies are gonna be in this thing year in and year out.  The Rat is going to weasel his way onto some U.S.A. basketball platform or some other “legal” but really illegal/bullshit means of attracting top talent to Durham.  This year just happens to be your “Great Year” Duke team compared to “Pretty Good” Duke team.
They have their new Heir to the White Devil throne in Grayson Allen who not so quietly is having a DISASTER of a season.
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Besides his weekly “trips” to Cancun, this dude’s PPG and efficiency have plummeted from 21.6 to 15.6 PPG and 46% to 40% FG% respectively.
 It’s a weird team, their leading scorer Luke Kennard is really just a better version of Grayson putting up 20.3 PPG and shooting an absurd 53% from the field.  Jayson Tatum, the Blue Chip Beast, is just that but at 6’8 plays way more of a swingman 3 than you would expect….he’s typically displaying an absurd array of moves and fluidity on the perimeter for someone his size.  Amile Jefferson (6’9 Center) is the grisly vet that The Rat always gets an extra 2 years out of but is the backbone of the team (how the FUCK are him and Matt Jones STILL playing???).  Their interior consists of him…and that’s the list.  We’ll see what Harry Giles (other Blue Chipper) can turn into as he eases his way back from injury, but there’s no doubt this team is scary.  It has all the nightmares of Duke’s (winning) past…except for that key veteran leader at PG and a lack of depth on the interior (or in Tyus Jones case…talent with Randy Marsh balls).
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If Jefferson goes down and/or gets in foul trouble it’s game over.
This team is destined for Elite 8/Final 4 but not going to have what it takes to win it all because of their lack of chemistry and more importantly, floor leader at PG.  Nothing is more important than that in college basketball.


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