Just when I thought I was out…The Knicks Pulled Me Back In

Knicks suck

And there we have it.  I thought I had seen rock bottom.  I witnessed the inconceivable sabotage of our 21 year old unicorn as the Knicks dangled him as trade bait like a piece of rare meat to a pack of ravenous lions.  I watched in horror as Old Phil passed on Kentucky phenom Malik Monk for a French point guard who can’t dribble.  I stood idly by as we made this franchise-altering move and then gave ole’ Phil Jackson (the guy who drafted him) the boot a week later.  Incomprehensible.  Despicable.  People have been jailed for much, much less.  And now, in what I can only PRAY is the real rock bottom, the Knicks have signed Tim Hardaway Jr. for 71 MILLION DOLLARS!?!?


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Kill me.  Just fuckin’ kill me.

Seriously,what’s the point of being a fan anymore?  We got crackerjack interim GM Steve Mills paying a guy who was in the D-League just 1 year ago nearly $18 million a year.  In Hardaway’s D-league stint he averaged a putrid 2.6 reb and 2 ast.  In the D-LEAGUE!!!

Now, I’m as unbiased as they come when it comes to Tim Hardaway Jr.  He’s a Michigan man, and was a main cog in the rebirth of Michigan basketball under John Beilein as the 2nd best player in their run to the National Title game.  He’s always had the tools.  He’s 6’6, super athletic, has a pure jumpshot, and he comes from the same seed as THIS man:

Now THAT was a man you paid $71 million to.  But young Tim Jr. still has so much lacking from his game.  While his scoring was up a year ago he’s still just an average 3 point shooter who can’t rebound or make plays for his teammates, demonstrated by his 2.8 reb and 2.3 ast per game.  People will point to the last two months of the season when his production rose dramatically and he was hoopin’ at 18 ppg.  His efficiency was impressive given the uptick in volume, but he still was just an average shooter from deep and had the same paltry rebounding and assist numbers.

And how about the goddamn fact we traded him 2 years ago for a late first round pick.  Ummm if you loved him and his upside so much when we had him, maybe we should have kept him and locked him up to a deal in the 4 year, $20 million range?

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Sorry it’s my fault.  I shouldn’t be asking such rational questions when it comes to the Knicks.  The ONE thing this franchise kinda sorta not really but maybe had going for them was cap space.  The Joakim Noah contract running through 2020 is an abomination, we know this.  But with Carmelo’s $25 mil per year coming off the books very, VERY soon (any day now), there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel.  Alas…

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we continue on as depressed Knicks fans with no hope and no future.

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