The Slipper Still Fits Series – The Final 4

We’ve made it. The best of the best. But there can only be one belle of the ball. So who is the most memorable Cinderella of the past 20 years? Fuck if I know, this is just one man’s humble opinion.


Here’s a look at the complete bracket to see how we got to these 4 selections:


(1) 1st round – #13 Valparaiso def. #4 Ole Miss, 1998 – Bryce Drew’s hook and ladder:

How they got here:

Homer & Bryce Drew defeated a pair of legendary Northern Iowa daggers to reach the Final 4. The Paul Jesperson half court shot from the 2016 tournament, and Ali Farokhmanesh’s (also a top 5 all-time name in March Madness history) massive cajones quick trigger three pointer in the ’10 edition.

The X Factor:

The dive. I LOVE the celebration from Bryce after he makes the shot, immediately diving to the ground as the rest of his team joins in the greatest dog pile in tourney history. This would be my go-to celebration on a buzzer beater three pointer even though it might not be the first celebration you think of.


(1) #15 Florida Gulf Coast goes to the Sweet 16, 2013 – Dunk City

How they got here:

Dunk City took down the Nae Nae dancing Mercer bears in round 1, and defeated Ron (& R.J.) Hunter’s stool debacle to reach the promised land.

The X Factor:

Beyond the dunks, Florida Gulf Coast had the celebrations. They started the wild sideline celebrations we see in today’s college game:


The funky chicken! We also got the wild locker room post game parties:


And dances on deck for daysssss:



I love the Bryce Drew play, shot, execution AND celebration. It was a #1 seed for a reason. But Gulf Coast was the swaggiest Cinderella of all time. The first and only #15 seed to advance to the 2nd weekend of the Dance goes to the championship match up in this bracket.

(1) #10 Davidson comes up just short of the Final 4, 2008 – Stephen Curry; David(son) takes down Goliath

How they got here:

Steph defeated fellow future NBA stud guard C.J. McCollum and Lehigh in the first round. Then, down went Shabazz doing his best Kemba impression.

The X Factor:

This layup. Until then Steph had been incredibly impressive but he was still seen as “just” a jump shooter.  The unreal dexterity and creativity to get the And-1 in that situation put him on an entirely new level… even LeBron had to stand up and cheer.

Beyond that, I’m pretty sure every Davidson game that March was announced by Gus Johnson and that dynamic duo made those Davidson games must-see TV. Let’s move on before I start getting depressed that Gus in March is no more.



(2) #5 & #8 Butler make back-to-back Championship game appearances, 2010-2011  – The Butler did it

How they got here:

Butler broke Shaka Smart’s HAVOC press in round 1 before taking out the original mid-major Cinderella, George Mason, in this bracket’s version of North Carolina vs. Kentucky in the Elite 8.

The X Factor:

Gordon Hayward’s missed half court prayer to win the 2010 National Title over Duke. Literally just one inch off, it’s the moment that resonates the most from Butler’s 2 year wild ride through March. If you want to reminisce, watch this fabulous ‘Inches from Immortality’ short film.


While Butler’s run was the most impressive from a mid-major that this young fan can remember, it’s hard for them to move on when their most memorable moment was a missed shot. Steph, who was somehow 25 pounds skinnier than he is now, moves on to the championship.


(1) #15 Florida Gulf Coast goes to the Sweet 16, 2013 – Dunk City


(1) #10 Davidson comes up just short of the Final 4, 2008 – Stephen Curry; David(son) takes down Goliath

A titanic matchup for our championship. The future 2x NBA MVP who foretold his future pro success with a 4 game whirlwind run through March versus DUNK CITY.

This one is too tough to call, so we’re bringing in the heavyweights. That’s right, it’s Andy Enfield’s wife Amanda Marcum (Maxim swimsuit model) against Sonya Curry.

(Side note: Enfield has some serious game as there’s no way this guy:

Andy Enfield

should get this girl.)


At first glance you gotta go Marcum. But I don’t know that little Sonya shimmy is something else, and that Davidson run announced Sonya to the national stage. I STILL think this is too close to call!

Luckily, I have an ace up my sleeve to break this tie:

It’s Dunk City, Bitch.

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